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The Rock Room started off as an idea for a space to hang out, jam and have some time with friends and music. The stage was built by Mike and equipment  provided. ideas started flowing. Tables and chairs added and more ideas came into play. This small but mighty space is the brainchild of people in the music industry. The plan is to have a space where people can gather and listen to music. Other things we have to offer is our expertise in the music business. We have a great group of professional musicians and business partners as a source for helping this community grow into a recognized social place for the arts and entertainment industry. If you are a musician, music teacher, entertainment lawyer, light and sound specialist etc. Get in touch with us. We would love to hear your ideas and how you can contribute to this community. Our plans include ticketed events at the Rock Room and other places in the area,  as well as:

Youth music program

Musician Networking meetings

Music appreciation 

Music theory 

Music writing 

Music industry trends

Music business standards 

Artist development

Group clinic’s live sessions for all instruments

Sound and lighting techniques

Video production

Copyright law

Digital platform

Theatrical play workshop


Services and ideas

Full stage with sound and lighting

Teen musician night on the stage for their friends 

Theatrical play

Private events

Art show

Pod cast room

Band showcase


Corporate seminar


Video production


Catering and beverages

READY SOON:  R3 EVENT PAGE for information on special events such as

wedding showers, baby showers, etc.

The Story of The Richmond Rock Room
Mike Cisilino - Owner
Ed Amyot - Owner

George Neal Owner / Manager 

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Coming Soon! More photos!


Tel: 586-318-9502

The Richmond Rock Room
R3 Event Space

69020 Main Street Loft
Richmond, MI


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