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Introducing The Music Connect Youth Program at the Richmond Rock Room directed by George Neal and hosted by Maria Wade. This is a free youth music program that is designed to ignite a spark for live music and to cultivate the next generation of aspiring musicians for youth up to the age of 18.  This program goes beyond traditional music lessons, offering comprehensive experience and valuable information in various aspects of the music industry such as writing, recording, musicianship, lighting, sound, mixing, promoting, etc.

The guidance and support in the journey of musical exploration is important. This program can connect youth and experienced mentors who share their passion for music and provide valuable insights into the different parts of the industry. This program can build confidence and foster a sense of community among aspiring musicians.  



We are staring the program out with every other month sessions on a Sunday afternoon starting sometime soon there will be dates set for each session online at  Registration will be required for each session. Registration will be made available soon!. Registration must be filled out by a parent or guardian. All youth participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


  • Each session will be approximately 2 hours with different subject matters depending on the music industry guest.

  • The hostess Maria Wade will engage the audience with an interview with a special guest from the industry and allow the audience to participate by asking questions.

  • Music equipment will not be necessary to bring unless there is a request for a specific session.

  • Pencils, paper, refreshments, and snacks will be provided as an option (If there are concerns about allergies, it’s okay to bring your own.)

  • Some sessions may be recorded, and pictures taken for the website or other media.

  • Some sessions may include a special trip to tour places that are part of the music industry, such as a recording studio or a factory that creates sound cables.

  • Special guests may include local and national, and musicians from all over the world. Some guests will be in businesses associated with the music industry such as recording studios, stage lighting, sound, labels, radio stations and so on.

  • Special events may be scheduled that showcase some local youth bands.



George Neal has been in the music business for over 40 years as an established musician, songwriter, producer, engineer, promoter, radio host and half owner of a Radio Station called Sonic Asylum Radio, and rep for a record label in Europe called Pure Steel Records.  He worked as His band HALLOWEEN is known all over the US and the rest of the world. He is the creator and director of this program and one of the partners of The Richmond Rock Room. Looking back as a young aspiring musician, George realized how hard it was to find a way to share his passion for music. Connecting in person with others was not impossible, but difficult. He decided to create this program to bring those connections together face to face to inspire young people to keep live music going for the next generation.


Maria Wade has been in the music business for a long time with an extensive background that we cannot even begin to list all here. She is a singer/songwriter/musician. Former music teacher at Music Maker Studio. Experienced doing interviews with some of the most recognizable names in music for a company affiliated with NBC and more!




This is a FREE program. We are accepting any donations to help cover snacks, beverages, cost of trips and other expenses. We will also except musical instruments and other equipment to have on hand for some sessions. If you are in the music industry and would like to volunteer you time for this program, please feel free to contact us at the Rock Room.


Special thanks to Ed Amyot and many others for helping to make this happen. This is not an ordinary music program. It’s a gateway to the world of musical possibilities. It is the celebration of the joy of live music. The fostering of creativity and empowering our youth to potentially become the next generation of music enthusiasts, performers, and industry professionals.

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